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Quantum Cryptography: An Uncertain Future for Information Security

Recent cyber attacks have caused concern over the state of information security, but quantum key distribution promises to revolutionize public key cryptography and reconfigure the relationship between code makers and code breakers…

So Many Stars…So Many Planets? The Prospects of Planet Formation in Multistellar Systems

Roughly half of the stars in the night sky belong to multiple-star systems. Drs. Debra Fischer and Ji Wang of the Yale Astrophysics Department find that this stellar multiplicity inhibits the formation of planets.

Face Lifts for Skin Cells: Fast Cell Cycles Lead to Efficient Reprogramming

Yale Researcher Shangqin Guo finds that speeding up cells’ cycles increases the rate at which they reprogram to stem cells.

The Emerging Role of Urgent Care: How Medicade is Changing Healthcare Delivery

A study conducted in Oregon reveals that Medicaid increases emergency room visits. Yale Professor of Public Health Howard Forman discusses the effects this could have on healthcare delivery models.