Computer Vision for Hip Replacement Surgery






As the sole Imaging Engineer for medical device company JointPoint, I developed an image processing framework in C# to auto-place anatomical landmarks in intra-operative fluoroscopy images. Using techniques such as segmentation, adaptive thresholding, and non-maximum suppression edge detection, I created a program to automatically detect the femoral head, femoral canal, acetabulum, greater trochanter, pelvic reference line, and pelvic brim.

This work is being folded into software co-marketed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Depuy Synthes.

Exploring the Predictive Power of the Shapley Value





In Cooperative Game Theory, each player in a game is characterized by a Shapley value, which reflects their share of the total surplus. This idea has been shown to¬†apply – at least in theory – to competitions on directed graphs. In the simplest of examples, Rene Van Den Brink and Peter Borm illustrate how this measure can be used to rank sports teams in a round-robin competition, taking into account the quality of teams that you win and lose against, rather than just your total number of wins. Continue reading “Exploring the Predictive Power of the Shapley Value”







QTop is an open-source python module for simulation and visualization of topological quantum codes. QTop is object-oriented and easy to read, facilitating the addition and assessment of new topological computing architectures, as well as the development of novel decoders.